Insight for writers to make money online

Writers often rely on platforms like Medium, Vocal, and Simily for their money and audiences. But this is a mistake, we should not rely on blogging platforms and or social media for our audiences.

We should actually use these platforms to funnel people towards an email list. You own the…

The harsh reality

When it comes to money I am honest with all of you. I ran an unsuccessful blog, changed niches at least 5 times, did not deliver on time for my freelance work, and tried to talk about the most controversial topic right now, covid.

I went online wanting attention, wanting…

How to avoid my mistakes

I am a former freelance writer and ghostwriter for the fitness industry. I have written ebooks, Instagram captions, scripts for Youtube videos, and pieces for research reviews.

My niche was evidence-based nutrition, I knew practically everything about weight loss and the relationships between diet and disease. It was a niche…

The existential leap of faith

I hope everyone reading this saw Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse. It’s a kickass movie that I do not want to spoil, but I might just a little bit.

The story revolves around Miles Morales, his universe’s new Spider-Man, and in that process of becoming who he is destined to be…

Jaebien Rosario

I am a student of psychology, philosophy, and public health. Sign up to my newsletter:

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