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Forget Copywriting

Jaebien Rosario
3 min readJul 14, 2022


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Right now solorepeneurs, like you, are struggling to pick which skill to focus on to make money online.

While some people suggest web design or data science, I suggest content writing.

But what about copywriting? Don’t get me wrong copywriting is important for sales.

You should know some of the basics of copywriting when crafting emails, your landing page, or crafting your offer online. But copywriting is not the goldmine you’ve been sold.

I say this because nearly everyone is talking about copywriting, there are so many courses on copywriting, and you can easily go on Fiverr to find a copywriter for cheap. But we are not cheap and we are not interested in an oversaturated market.

What professionals need in this day and age is a person who can write content. What do I mean by content?

Content means blog posts, Instagram captions, newsletter articles, video scripts, tweets, podcast scripts, and more. Being able to write content separates the average social media consumer from the influencer who can make a ton of money.

It’s not a secret most people who use social media do not make content of their own, let alone post daily. This is a perfect opportunity for you as an online writer to fill in that gap with your services. There are many businesses, influencers, coaches, etc. who would benefit from an online presence as an authority in their space.

Here are some of my tips to help you get started.

Start A Writing Habit

As an online writer, you need to write on a daily basis. Writing more helps sharpen the tools of writing, helps push back writer’s block, and genuinely makes you better at writing.

As established before, writing is the basis for content online. Writing down your ideas, insights, experiences, or what you learn is content. Writing consistently produces a steady flow of content to choose from.

If online writing becomes your full-time job, then you need to write daily. There should be no week-long breaks from writing unless you’re on a legit vacation.



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