How Much I Made From Affiliate Marketing On Twitter

These are my real results

Jaebien Rosario
2 min readAug 4, 2022


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One of my Twitter threads blew up!

It was totally unexpected, I just posted a simple listicle about my favorite psychology books.

Fortunately, two of the authors shared this thread and it has gathered 54,875 impressions so far.

I then shared a simple link to my Amazon storefront, as I am a part of the influencer program, and some people made purchases.

This is how much I made:

My Amazon storefront analytics.

No, I didn’t make thousands of dollars from affiliate marketing like most people try to imply or outright lie about. It takes consistent work and luck to go viral, let alone take that small percentage of users to buy into something.

The reason my thread went semi-viral compared to my others could be due to timing, luck, and the fact I am trying to be more consistent with Twitter.

Even though my earnings were small, this proves you can make money on Twitter even with a small audience like mine (I only have 885 followers). You just won’t make a lot of money.

Making Money on Twitter

So, what can you expect on Twitter? Honestly, affiliate marketing takes a lot of work depending on what you’re trying to get people to buy into and your niche.

My niche is psychology and nutrition, but I have integrity and do not sell supplements or fad-products. Nevertheless, there are plenty of other ways to make money on Twitter, especially for online writers.

In my experience, it is easier to make money selling ebooks, premium newsletters, and courses on Twitter once you’ve built an audience than anything else.

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