Three Essential Tools for Writing An Ebook

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Jaebien Rosario


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Content writing is an essential part of the social media space. Without written content, you wouldn’t be able to participate in key platforms like Twitter or LinkedIn. Without written content, you wouldn’t have a script for your youtube videos or podcast episodes.

Content writing is also everywhere, I mean you’re reading from a blogging platform now. If content writing is so important, then how do we make money as content writers…

There are honestly so many different ways that I’ve tried, but I have had the most success with creating ebooks.

Writing ebooks is a great way for content writers to make money. It is not hard to turn our hours of content into an easy-to-handle ebook. There are many tools available that can help us format, design, and publish our work with ease.

I will outline three powerful tools for crafting your next ebook.

Tool #1: Gumroad

Gumroad is a platform where creators can sell digital products.

Keep in mind that Gumroad is free and easy to use.

However, one mistake people make is not setting up the launch of their ebook right. You gotta hype your ebook up, constantly talk about it, and make sure it's quality work.

For instance, I made over 1400 dollars from my ebook sales using the platform.

My audience knew about my ebook at least 90 days before launch. I wrote about my ebook constantly, used CTAs in my Instagram bio, and even had a preorder session.

By the time actually sold the ebook I had made a thousand dollars in preorders already.

Tool #2: Google Docs

If you are seriously not using Google Docs, then I am worried about you.

Google Docs is FREE, transfers easily across apps, can be turned into a word document, and can be easily shared with people.



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